Is Care From A Family Member A Substitute For Assisted Living?


Many people receive long-term care from family or others. People who receive care at home may wonder if an assisted living solution is worth considering. Here are some ways to determine if assisted living homes are still the right choice for long-term care when someone already receives care at home. Can a Family Member Provide for All Needs? Long-term care needs can vary greatly between individuals. A family member taking care of someone may have the ability to help with some forms of care.

27 May 2019

Common Retirement Community Questions From Prospective Residents


When a person is starting to reach an advanced age, they may need to look at the option of enrolling in a retirement community. These communities can provide elderly individuals with comfortable living accommodations and arrangements. Are Retirement Communities Only For Those With Serious Health Problems? Individuals will often assume that they must have severe health problems to need to move to a retirement community. However, there are any number of reasons why a person may wish to move into one of these communities.

25 January 2019

How To Know If It's Time For An Assisted Living Home For Your Loved One


This can be a hard decision for a lot of people to make on their own, which is why the following information is so important to have. If you want to make sure that you are getting your aging loved one the care he or she needs, you will want to determine whether it is time to move them to an assisted living facility. Their Memory Is Slipping More And More

13 November 2018

When Nursing Homes Are Better Options Than Staying At Home


When your loved one continues to live in a house as he or she ages, regardless if it is your home or the home of the senior, there are many downsides you may face as you become responsible for caring for your loved one. Having your loved one continue to live in a house comes with several difficulties. Fewer Responsibilities You will actually have more work to do when caring for your loved one.

5 August 2018

How To Choose A Caregiver For A Senior Who Is Mistrustful


Hiring a caregiver for an elderly person can be a challenge. However, when the elderly person is mistrustful, this can be an especially difficult process. A mistrustful person in this position can take even the most innocent action as a threat or an insult. This can make the experience a difficult one for themselves and the person taking care of them. Therefore, when you have the responsibility of choosing someone to provide senior in-home care to a mistrustful person, you should factor in a few things.

26 July 2018

3 Ways To Make Your Aging Parent More Comfortable At Home


A common dilemma for many adult children is knowing that their parent isn't quite ready for a nursing home or assisted living, but their own home is not as safe or comfortable as it could be. Making specific updates that account for more limited mobility and vision as your parent continues to age will give you peace of mind and keep your parent comfortable in their home for longer. Here are three of the best ways to make your aging parent more comfortable at home:

11 May 2018

Have A Loved One Who's Reluctant Towards Assisted Living? Home Care May Be A Solution


Most elderly people who need assistance in daily living activities would prefer to stay in their own homes for the longest time possible. Some seniors adamantly refuse to move to an assisted living facility. In such a case, home care is the best alternative. This is an arrangement where home care aides come into your loved one's home and offer assistance for a specific number of hours. So what are the benefits of senior assisted care?

9 January 2018