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How To Choose A Caregiver For A Senior Who Is Mistrustful


Hiring a caregiver for an elderly person can be a challenge. However, when the elderly person is mistrustful, this can be an especially difficult process. A mistrustful person in this position can take even the most innocent action as a threat or an insult. This can make the experience a difficult one for themselves and the person taking care of them.

Therefore, when you have the responsibility of choosing someone to provide senior in-home care to a mistrustful person, you should factor in a few things.

Do They Have the Right Experience?

A caregiver may have many years of experience. However, if much of this experience is limited to working with seniors who are relatively easy to handle, they may not be prepared to handle someone who doesn't trust them.

The caregiver should have a lot of years of experience, and they should also have worked with a number of seniors who can be difficult to handle. For example, someone who has worked with seniors who suffer from dementia can be a good fit. Talk to companies like Penelope's People to learn more about the caregivers who work for them.

What Is Their Philosophy for Handling Patients?

Things can become quite difficult when dealing with mistrustful patients. When this happens, the senior can become aggressive, or even abusive. It's important to know how the caregiver you're hiring will react in that situation. Some caregivers' approaches can cause more harm than good.

However, you shouldn't simply focus on what the caregiver will do when things get difficult. It's also important to know how they'll go about their daily tasks of taking care of the person. What sort of activities will they be engaging in to keep the person occupied? Will they be conversing with the senior in question?

How Will They Establish a Relationship With the Senior?

Building a relationship with someone who is mistrustful can be quite hard. However, this is one of the most important things the caregiver will need to do if they're going to provide the senior with the quality of care they need. Therefore, you need to know how they plan to build this relationship to make things easier for both parties.

Do They Have Any References?

It's important to know what the families that have been previously hired by the caregiver think about their services. Ensure you ask the caregiver for references, and ensure you follow up on the references to find out if the caregiver is all they claim to be.


26 July 2018