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Senior Caregiving: 3 Ways To Help Your Loved One Recover Their Confidence After A Fall


During the senior years, a minor fall can become life threatening if your loved one is unable to reach their phone to call for help. It is also common for falls to be accompanied by painful injuries that require long recovery times. For this reason, many seniors begin to change their behavior after a fall because they are fearful of having another one. For example, your loved one may suddenly stop bathing or refuse to walk down the steps leading out of their house. When fear begins to interfere with your loved one's well-being, it is time to take action with these strategies for bringing back their confidence:

Acknowledge That Fear Is Normal

A senior who has lived a fearless life may be ashamed to let others know that they are afraid of falling. Let your loved one know that it is normal to be afraid of getting hurt, and their fear is simply a self-protective measure. However, you will also need to let your loved one know that they cannot let fear interfere with their health and safety. Tell them that they have your support, and ask them to work with you to create a fall prevention plan that makes them feel safer.

Provide Assistance With Strengthening and Balance Exercises

Over time, a senior can lose muscle strength and their sense of balance, which makes falling more likely. Ask your loved one's physician to help you find safe exercises that help seniors learn how to maintain their flexibility and balance. For instance, holding on to your arm and lifting one leg at a time helps seniors retain their ability to balance on one foot. In the beginning, your loved one may be afraid to exercise while standing. If this is the case, then move to floor exercises such as leg lifts until they are ready to try more advanced workouts.

Consider Moving Them to a Safer Environment

A senior who lives alone is at greater risk of falling when no one is around to help. For this reason, your loved one may find that moving to an assisted living community allows them to thrive. Knowing that someone is nearby to check on them or help them get into the shower is important for seniors who have fallen in the past. This type of living arrangement also comes with built-in safety features such as handrails in the bathroom and non-skid floors.

Watching as your loved one regains their confidence is a beautiful experience, and you know that your loved one has what it takes to overcome this little hump. By providing your loved one with encouragement and a safe living environment, they will be back to their old selves in no time at all.

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29 August 2017