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Do you remember where you were when you realized you needed almost constant medical help? Life becomes less fun and less fulfilling sometimes when you struggle with ongoing medical problems, which is why nursing homes and assisted living facilities are such a valuable resource. I started focusing on finding great new places that could help me out, and I narrowed down the search quickly to include a business that was near to my home. After I moved in, I could tell that a tremendous burden had been lifted, and it was a really nice feeling. Check out this blog for more information.

Features To Look For When Helping Your Parent Choose A Long-Term Assisted Living Facility


Now that it's time for your parent to live in a long-term assisted living care facility, you may be concerned about how well the place they end up in can meet their needs and wants as time goes on. Here are a few features to look for when helping your parent find a facility that you can be proud to help them move in to:

An Activity Center

Exercise is important for elderly adults as it helps lower the risk of developing diseases like dementia, heart disease, and diabetes. But your parent isn't likely to get a lot of exercise while spending time alone in their apartment, or without a little encouragement from others. Look for a long-term assisted living facility for them to move into that features some type of activity center such as:

  • A swimming pool area featuring water aerobics classes.

  • A gymnasium where yoga, meditation, and indoor walking can be accommodated.

  • A game room featuring things like a ping-pong table, a board game table, and interactive video games like miniature golf.

  • A gardening area where residents can plant their own food and flowers.

The idea is to make sure that your parent will stay engaged and get plenty of exercise while living at their new assisted living facility, so the more activity features that are offered the better.

Weekly Outing Schedules

A Full-Service Dining Room

While your parent may still want to cook for themselves in the comfort of their own apartment, this may not be the case as time goes on. To avoid having to move your parent again in the future if they can no longer cook for themselves, choose a long-term assisted living facility now that features a full-service dining room.

Your parent will be able to enjoy a variety of meals made to order while socializing with other residents and feeling as if they're able to retain a feeling of independence. And even if your parent loves cooking, this dining room option could come in handy once in awhile if they're interested in meeting new people and mingling.

Regular Family Events

To help ensure that your family maintains a strong bond with your parent, the long-term assisted living facility they move into should host family events at least a couple of time a year when the entire family can visit for a barbecue and to play games. This will give your parent an opportunity to feel like they're hosting a get-together for their loved ones in their own place and make sure that everyone has a chance to spend quality time together on a regular basis.  


8 August 2017